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VV: Break - Sand from the Wind
The newest bond soul, his lineage is within the grain.
Caring for him, my new brother carefully into my arms.
So fragile his body, we must take precautions and treat him tenderly.
Or if not, I would surely see the glass of his remains.
Oh, how I would cry, I would cry, I would moan for his life.
My dear otouto..
Mother clings, knowing her son may die.
Calm his breath, if he should get scared and pass on,
We’ll keep him here for just a little more.
Please don’t cry, cause we know
What will happen if your body runs dry…
Other kids are to take precautions when they’re nearbye around me.
Why must my life continuously be molded this way.
I don’t mind falling, please let it just be this once, nii!
So just let me be with everyone else! Why are you being this way to me?
I want to play with them, but brother just pulls me away!
Oh, how I do hate him so!
Why can’t I just play and run like them?
I don’t care if he see
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 0 0
The Velvet Room: 9
It was nice. The two barely noticed when everyone hurried upstairs to try and help him. It was twilight at rest and Ryuken felt much calmer as he sat on the wooden balcony floor, legs through the sticks and head against looking through the gap towards the lake as the princess stood with eyes in the same direction but her body towards his. Tenchi and Washu were by the opened screen door that led out to the pair. By the door on the other side, Sasami and Ryoko were both stopped to come closer and disturb what was fixed.
Not looking away, fixed on the lovely setting he talked to Aeka. “I.. I don’t like it here.” Aeka looked down to the boy, her smile curved to concern, “You don’t?” She was about to continue speaking, but by the sound of Ryuken’s head making a ‘thunk’ against the wood, “No.” Tenchi spoke up moving close, “Ryuken, don’t worry. I know it’s really hard dealing with all of this. Today was just
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 0 0
The Arougu Meme by Tenchi-del-Dante The Arougu Meme :icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 0 2
VV: Place Full of Passion
Nothing more, I had a dream. A new pillar to now try and stand.
I brought this forth, with my own eyes,
But now I am sent in like I’m sort of filthy snake.
I turn to you, what was our dream? Was it not to seek out a life for us to live?
I turned inside by your plain response,
‘It was you who wanted everyone else to pay.’
Twisted inside that disgusting abyss, where is once I found you.
Torn apart from you life, but you only know.
Something like that I would love, and you agreed.
Seeing his body, I want it now; do not despise me! I’m sick of this form!
No matter what I will be,
They will see me as horrid thing.
These people don’t understand it!
I’ll curse them along with those close by
And bring them into my blackened hell!
Long ago, you know this. I have learned that I was being selfish.
But I want to do us right,
Shouldn’t this be tribute against that old mind I tried to make?
Answer me! I’m not evil! I just want this all to be per
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 0 0
Boss Battles Tourney: Preliminaries 02
The Forest Cliff
Some of us try to rest after our adventures, needing to calm before the new storm rises. With conflict ended, we strive to keep the peace with comfort and rest, others may even practice and get stronger should the next fight come to keep that peace.
However, there those who still seek the excitement of battle. They say they do want the luxurious life of peace, but will never back down from the fight that brings them the joy of victory. What else are we going to do with these free-spirits? Just let them tire themselves out. They’ll be fine.
With Subspace closed, Sonic had to find some turn in events that would let him have fun. Sonic the Hedgehog, the Blue Blur, was dashing beside the grand cliff side forest, passing through the serene edge and cool, dense clearings. A hero as he continued on, feeling the need that his adventure here was not complete, wa
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 0 0
VV: The Velvet Room
Black Hail surface… Ugly Appearance we are.
The catalyst that breaks a bond.
There are kinds that hide about the deep forest.
There are kinds that lurk about the castle walls.
I never understood why the human-like get to stay but,
Maybe it’s just the way I was picked to see.
But teacher always lets me see the other,
So I am not alone, and treated both with bread
But his rambles of how they are always to blame.
Sometimes I wish I could shake him and say to him.
You idiot,
Be us and with me, you don’t have to always afraid.
This is your path and follow it, dream now on.
I’ll be at your side, guiding you past the evil
If Death shall come, I’ll be right along with you here.
If we lose, we can keep on holding on
Again we now meet inside a forest, for the world you fear.
You learn to trust me again and call to me; holding.
Your faults are bothersome, but I’ll be there, guiding you
But you must really stop holding onto me that way
After we had me
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 1 0
VV: Cleaning the 'Hard' Drive
Super Battery Life, All My Bars Are Filled
Plugged Into The Wall For Another Usage.
Super Battery Life, Make No Mistake;
My Tiny Body Is Up To Any Task!
My Accomplice Is The Only Use For My Power,
Don’t Even Bother Trying To Take One Cell From Me!
Super Battering Ram! You Stay Away!
My Friend Will Only Do What She Needs To Use Me!
But I don’t see the reason why a little,
Lime haired nylon, rice faced oddball.
I’ll have to give you a warning now,
If one thing simply goes wrong..
If one small thing goes wrong..
If my accomplice fails..
Then I’ll rip your mainframe out.
Why didn’t you listen to me, Am I not her battery.
Didn’t you see how fast her hard drive was fried?
Why did you do that to me, Am I not useful for you?
I saw it leaking all down to the floor from her insides?
Don’t you even think that you could have used something less useful!?
I hate you for destroying my one thing that I was good for!
Get the hell away from me! I will not go tak
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 1 0
The Velvet Room: 8
She flew around as she always has, perching onto the tree only rarely before. But when her wings let her soar in circles around the glass-paneled green house, it brightened her owner’s face. It been so long since he’s even been in the outdoors that Ryuken felt he forgotten fresh air and radiant light, even though they were technically still inside when they went into the greenhouse; he felt faint compared to the light when he came to its full abundance.
Washu took idle watch of Ryuken with Tenchi, taking significant notice how he, who was alone on the ground watching his pet Pidgeot, ‘Otto’ he named her, seem to have cured all his distress from earlier. Ryuken did not care that he and his brother were not talking, as he figured he wanted to, but kept his enjoyment flowing with watching Otto fly. She was there with him.
She came down at his call. Otto was swift and obedient; darting from the air like an arrow yet softened her landing on the ground before looking
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 0 0
Sunny Day by Tenchi-del-Dante Sunny Day :icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 1 7
Mature content
VV: Voodooism :icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 0 0
Feg Chesisks - The Chozo Orphan by Tenchi-del-Dante Feg Chesisks - The Chozo Orphan :icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 4 0
The Grand Duel Adventure for Chocolate
And So Begins A Very Unlikely Journey... One That Will Shape Their Worlds Uniquely...
Each of the individuals receive a letter in the mail. Upon opening the letters, they realize that the letters were sent to them by the king! The letters ask them to report to the king's palace at once. How do they react?
Bucketface: Well, I just became a lord of Mercs of Meleee, so I guess it's fitting that I've been invited.
Necrope: Wait a minute! I don't remember any kings around here. I better go check this guy out.
Komaya: A king! I've never met a king before! I wonder if he has a handsome son or some handsome food?
Castor: Oh, the king wants to see us NOW? AFTER we lose our fight? *burns letter* What use could he have for me? *grabs stuff and starts walking*
Sylvi: *go
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 3 13
A Vocaloid Meme by Tenchi-del-Dante A Vocaloid Meme :icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 1 4
Perish Song: Final Part - 3
This is where I recalled my childhood… after all the different places I've been two, I did come back here, except… the world is so big. I can't just go back home every time. I could always call mom on my phone and tell her how I'm doing. I didn't do it often, though… I just sent her some money and that was it.
This place was just a handicap for me in my journey. When I finished Johto… when I finished Kanto… when I finished other places with whatever Pokémon I had… I never came back. "No more" use to me as vibrant lights flickered in my head… I've traveled so far ahead of myself and I've become such a success…
… I looked down at the bare floor of my room. So much was going and coming through me as I looked down: my head glided across the room, taking in all I had abandoned… I lived much better than this and I'm incredibly grateful I don't live in this house anymore. Why didn't mom move to a new house? She has all this extra money, yet… why stay in this little stupid house?
I gazed more
:icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 2 0
Insert Clever Music Pun About Sex by Tenchi-del-Dante
Mature content
Insert Clever Music Pun About Sex :icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 5 14
Droobles 004 by Tenchi-del-Dante Droobles 004 :icontenchi-del-dante:Tenchi-del-Dante 1 0

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Top Notch! I expect nothing less than from the Cannibal Murk! Though Jack is definitely the star by name-sake, you put a good amount of...




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D - Dramophone (Caravan Palace)
Y - You're The Inspiration (Chicago)
L - Legend of a Cowgirl (Imani Coppola)
A - A Thousand Years (Christina Perri)
N - No More Crying ('Til Tuesday)

E - Electro Swing (Cosmorot)
Y - You Spin Me Round (Dead or Alive)
E - Elm (The Seatbelts)
M - Midnight Flyer (Eagles)
E - Everybody (Kid Kasino & Dutty Moonshine)
R - Radical Highway (Crush 40)
A - All Night (Parov Stelar)
L - Let's Fighting Love! (Trey Parker)
D - Dirty Back Road (B-52's)
S - Sainou Sampler (koyori)
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